Roni Chadash (27) was born and raised in Israel, were she received he reducation in dance.
Roni started her path as a professional dancer at the Vertigo International Workshop (2011-2012) and later at the Gaaton Workshop for professional dancers (2012-2013).

After finishing her studies, Roni moved to Tel-Aviv and started working with several Israeli choreographers including Maya Brinner, Odelya Kuperberg, Sally Ann-Friedland, Inbal Oshman as well as international choreographers including Luis Marrafa (Portugal – Brussels).
Roni’s first solo piece, “Ani-Ma”, which was premiered at “Shades in Dance” Festival (Suzanne Dellal, October 2015), won the Jury prize and during 2016 the solo traveled to many international festivals and competitions including: Masdanza, Sziget, FKM, Soloduo, Gyor Dance Festival, BCDC, Waves Dance Festival, Depo Dance Center, Sibiu dance festival and Zawirowania dance festival.
Roni’s second solo piece, “Goofy”, was premiered on August 2016 as part of the Tel-Aviv Dance Festival at the Suzanne Dellal and was invited to international festivals in Spain, London, Bangkok, Hong Kong, the Canary Islands and New-York.
Roni was awarded for her two first solo pieces in Festivals in Israel and abroad, listed be-
Jury Prize (Shades in Dance Festival), Best Performer (Masdanza 2016), Best Performer (Soloduo Festival), Audience Prize (BCDC), Audience Prize (FKM), PARTS scholarship prize(BCDC), Alexander Izralovski Prize (FKM), 3rd Prize of the International Choreography competition (MASH).
Moreover, Roni was invited to perform, teach and create, by the support of international
theatres and organizations such as Sinarts (Budapest), SIT Theater (Canary Islands), Trip-
space (London), Garage 21 (Corfu),92Y (New-York), Unfolding Kafka (Bangkok) Ministry of culture (Israel)
and Suzanne Dellal Theatre (Israel).
Roni’s Portfolio includes also several short video dance pieces which gained popularity in social networks and were selected to present in international dance film festivals including:
POOL, TDFF, Dotdotdot, Tanztendenzen and Videodanza de Palma.
Parallel to this, Roni is also teaching contemporary dance, floor work and improvisation
workshops for professional dancers as well as non-professional, which her main focus in
those workshops is bringing back life to movements and the freedom of choice a performer
should have while dealing with a defined material.


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